Donna Brand

Donna made a big career leap two years ago leaving the medical field with over 24 years of HR and Practice Management experience.  Looking for something fun and exciting where she could make others look and feel good she started her “new career path” as an apprentice in the cosmetology world.  Her and her husband’s business goal were to own a salon – who knew that in two years they would reach that goal as the proud owners of Muse Hair Salons. Donna is also one of our stylists, Deva Inspired and Babe Lash Certified.

  Donna is a hard worker, motivator and she loves people! She is the mother of two wonderful children and a Maw-Maw to 4 amazing grandchildren that she adores!  Donna is also a breast cancer survivor, so she has a special place in her heart to help women who are walking through this disease as well.

Donna’s hobbies include anything nature: hiking, fishing or just sitting by a bon fire with family and friends. 

Carlie Brand

Carlie started in the barber trade the traditional way, as an apprentice, learning from prominent local, national and international educators and taking classes through New Horizons Barber program. He says “Education never stops.” Carlie has been a resident of Chesapeake since 1982. He has served the public in Law Enforcement for 10yrs with the City of Portsmouth and a Firefighter both as a volunteer and professionally since 1991.

Kathy Ehler

Kathy has been a professional stylist for many years, and has been a member of the Muse family for almost a decade. She is a Level 3 Deva “Certified” stylist, texture stylist, Deva Curl coach, board certified hair colorists, keratherapy and keratin complex ceritifed. She has also worked as a field educator for Wella, Alumni, Lanza, and Image Labs.

Her hobbies include pariticpating in her nearby Zumba class, and gardening. She loves giving “haircuts” to trees and shrubs, as well as people.

Kathy’s favorite aspect of being a professional hair stylist is helping others to see how beautiful they can be, so that they feel it on the inside too.


Katt Orr

Katt has been a licensed stylist since 2010, and she joined the Muse Salon family in 2013. She graduated with honors from both the Rudy & Kelly Academy and Phase II of the Paul Mitchell School. She specializes in cutting and styling curly hair, Deva Curly Girl Styles,  Pintura Highlights and Keratherapy.

She loves art, reading and working in her gardens. Fun fact: she is a descendant of Declaration of Independence signer Benjamin Rush.

Her favorite part of being a professional stylist is making others feel beautiful.

Kathryn W.

Kathryn also known as Katt #2 has been a licensed stylist since 2009, graduating from the Chesapeake Tech center.  Kathryn has been a member of the MUSE Salon family since 2018, she loves doing complete transformation styles, cuts and color so if your feeling avant-garde, she has your style.She is a DevaCurl “Inspired” Stylist.

Hobbies include long-boarding and spending time with her son and dog out in nature.

James A.

James Avery is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Virginia. He attended school at The Fuller School Of Massage Therapy and graduated from there September 17th, 2017 and received his State License October 18th, 2017.

James has always believed in helping others, he served as a Army Medic for 3 years before joining the Virginia Beach Police Department where he proudly served for 30 years. He now wants to continue his service by helping those in pain and dealing with stress. He offers a form of Therapeutic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Cupping, and Steam Therapy.

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